1Kg of oranges
750g of apples
750g of pears
600g of sweet potatoes
500g of carrots with leaves
500g of young onions
250g of cherry tomatoes
250g of white mushrooms
100g of garlic
1 bunch of spinach
1 bunch of agriao
1 bunch of parsley

13 euros

weights are approximate

250g of white mushrooms + 1,40 euros
250g of cherry tomatoes+ 1,60 euros
1Kg of young potatoes + 1,20 euros

1 Chorizo rustic bread (190g) + 1,20 euros
6 organic eggs + 2,75 euros
1 wood fired oven bread + 2,50 euros
1 wood fired oven squared bread (only on Wed) + 2,50 euros
1 rye bread (Broa) + 2 euros
1 rustic Cheese (190g) + 3,50 euros

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Orders need to be place at least 48h before delivery date

        All in one Boxes                      Well balanced                  at the right price

   10 to 13 seasonal products for only 13 euros                                    all for 1 family                                Just the right price for consumer and producers